Web Design and First Impressions

First impressions are vital when meeting someone or coming across something for the first time as the human brain tends to have a positive or a negative idea within the first minute of the encounter. As a landing page is the first page a user will come across on your website after clicking on an ad or a search result, it needs to look attractive enough to give the user that positive first impression. The more impressed a user is, the more conversion there will be. For this reason alone, the design of a landing page is of utmost importance. Birmingham web design experts have some tips on creating the dream landing page:

First of all, a landing page is not the same as a home page, so it shouldn’t be designed the same way. A landing page’s basic function is to facilitate the visitor in making a decision on an action, which results in a conversion.

Here are 5 tips for a converting landing page:
  1. Create up-to-the-point content. Convey your message and tell the visitor what you want them to do. Be specific. Don’t clutter the page with irrelevant content. Spend more time on headlines, making them short and relevant.
  2. Be minimalistic in design. Not too much text, not too many photos, not any irrelevant information and certainly no hyperlinks leading away from your page. Your landing page should be the final destination, not a portal to other websites. A white space around the content will also aid the visitors in focusing on your aim.
  3. Make use of engaging graphics. A high-quality photo in the background to show the best features of your product or service will contribute to conversion positively. Don’t ruin the experience by adding too many photos.
  4. Keep CTA’s clear. It’s estimated that a user has about 8 seconds to decide whether to use your services or not. Don’t waste this valuable time, forcing users to solve the mystery of what they should do once they land on your page. Have clear call-to-actions.
  5. Implement social media sharing buttons. People love sharing what they have just bought, so why not add some social media icons that will spread the word about your brand.

Landing pages are basically how websites convert. So, they should be well-designed not to drive potential customers away. Try these tips from Birmingham web design professionals to ensure your landing pages to lead to higher conversions.